How to become a member?


Any person who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the VSUK and participate in the philosophy of Veerashaivism are eligible for the membership.

Types of Membership:

• Individual Membership, Annual or Life.
• Family Membership, Annual or Life.
Family Membership is for the couple and their children aged under eighteen. Those who are eighteen and over but in full time education are considered as part of the family membership.

Membership Fee and Form:

The life membership fee is £100/- for both individual as well as family membership. The annual membership for individual as well as family is £25/- per annum. Please send the completed form along with the Cheque to the Treasurer of VSUK. The Cheque should be made payable to “VSUK”. For more details, read the membership form.

Annual Membership

Annual Membership starts on 1st January and expires on 31st December. Those who become Annual members in the middle of the year are to renew their membership on the following 1st January. Annual Membership is generally suitable for a person who is residing in the UK on a short term assignment but not for permanent residents/UK citizens.