The concept of formation of Veerashaiva Association and Basava Centre was in the minds of few members for a few years. Around June 1988 a few of the interested persons met in Preston at Dr.Pallegar`s house and decided to go ahead with the formation of VSUK.

On 30TH July 1988 -we had our first meeting on Saturday at Willbury Primary School, Edmonton ,North London and formally launched VSUK. At the meeting the following office bearers were elected: Mrs.Prabha.R.Kori as President, Mr K. S. Rajshekaraiah as Vice President, Mr S. Mahadevaiah as Secretary, Dr. S.Pallegar as Treasurer and Dr. Devaraj, Dr.Rudrappa Chitriki, Dr.S.Sanikop, Dr.Shambulingappa, Dr.Nataraj, Dr.Rajshekar Kori and Mr.Shiva Kumar as Executive committee members. Subsequently the executive committee met 3-4 times at various places and discussed about the constitution and charitable status.

On 4TH September 1988-We had our very first function held at Asian Centre, Woodgreen, London. Prof. Patil (Principal Davangere Law College) and Prof. Chandriah (Yuvarajas College, Mysore) were the invited speakers. Dr. Nagangowda and Mr. Salimutt were the guests of honour Sri. D.R. Nagaraju, Sri Raghunath Nakod and Sri Chandrashekar were the guest artist who entertained the gathering with music.

On 29th October 1988- we had our second major function held in Edmonton, London to celebrate Akka Mahadevi Jayanti. Speeches included the life of Mahadevi Akka and her contributions to the society. In addition to the light entertainment we had a question and answer session in a very free and frank manner discussing the aims, objectives and the manner in which we should run our Samaja.

9 July 1989- We celebrated Basava Javanthi held in Fullwood, Preston. The assembly included three major speeches of the life of Basava, contributions of Basava to the society, Basava’s miracles and tributes to the saint. We had out first AGM on the day, decided to keep the same office bearers for a period of two years. We also decided to invite swamijis and artists from India for Basava Jayanthi celebration in 1990.

Since then the membership has grown steadily. We now have about 80 families spread all over UK and 60 of them have become life members. We also hold Basava Jayanthi celebrations during October/ November as a day event. July 1990- Basava Jayanthi in Preston. Ilkal Swamiji, Belimutt Swamiji, Prof. S Langoti and Shri B L Patil (Chairman, Vimalbava, Athani) were the chief guests.July 1991- Prof S V Patil (retd sociology professor) was our chief guest held in Lancaster.

July 1992- Prof. M. Mahadevappa, International Scientist, geneticist and plant breeder was the guest of honour. During our November function, Sri S L Byrappa, renowned Kannada writer was the chief guest.July 1993- A very successful weekend convention at the Lancaster University campus. Taralabalu Jagadguru Shri Shamanur Shivashankarrappa of Davanagere and Justice Rajashekar Murthy as our guests.

June 1994- We had the privilege of giving a reception party for Tharalabalu Jagadguru and his 100 disciples who came on a world peace tour during Jun 1994. This function was held at the Indian YMCA in London

July 1994 – Weekend celebration of Basava Jayanthi held at Bangor University campus, North Wales. November 1994- Akka Mahadevi Jayanthi was celebrated in Scunthorpe. Mr. Glen Roberts, Librarian, Hull University was the guest speaker.July 1995- Weekend celebration of Basava Jayanthi was held at Lancaster university campus. Mr C P Patel, Editor, Gujarat Samachar was the guest of honour.

November 1995- Akka Mahadevi Jayanthi celebration was held in Wheately, near Oxford organised by Mr Shiva Kumar and family. Dr M N Nandakumar, Executive Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was the guest speaker.

July 1996- Weekend celebration of Basava Jayanthi organized by Mokska & Geoffrey Darnton at Portsmouth University, Portsmouth. Chief Guests were Late Padmashree R M B Aradhya and Mr H V Nagendrappa, Film Producer from Bangalore.

November 1997- Akka Mahadevi Jayanthi celebration was held in Leicester organised by Dr Nagangoud family. July 1998- Weekend celebration Basava Jayanthi organized by Dr Puranik family in Northallerton, Dr Nath, Durham was the Chief Guest.

August 1999- Weekend celebration Basava Jayanthi organized by Mrs Prabha Dhumma and Family at UMIST, Manchester. Mr Trivedi, was the Chief Guest.June 2000- Millennium Celebration in Wembley organised by VSUK Executive Committee with the help of members and well wishers.

2001. August The youth of v.s.u.k. showed their abilities by organising the function in Maidenhead. Minoo Puranik lead the team to a successful weekend making sure that every youth had an opportunity to participate.

2002. Feb Chandraprabha Dhumma wioth the family, spontaneously took the decision to have the gathering twice a year giving a good week-end package to all the members & focussed on youth attending the functions. Catering assistance was given by Suma Jagadish & Savita Hallikeri.

2002. Aug. The bank holiday event was hosted by the Sanikop clan in Swansea. Ravi & Suman Sanikop took the lead & offered a great day trip around the area. The younger members were clearly fascinated by the visit to the theme park.

2003. May. The first ever function was held in the highlands of Scotland. Dr Nataraj & Usha Nataraj spiced the week-end with the scenic tours, Scottish musical programmes & collected a substantial amount for charity

2004. Feb. This function was hosted by the Chitriki family. Mrs Gowramma & Dr Rudrappa took the lead to this winter event in Skegness. This attracted a large number of people & was an enjoyable week-end. 2004. Aug Dr. Shree Gowri Ginimav & family hosted the successful bank holiday event in Eastbourne. Members seem to have thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting their individual talents.

2005. Feb. Manjula Nagangowd arranged a remarkable weekend in the heart of the city of Leceister. The event also gave the members a chance to experience the little Gujrat in England.2005 Aug Drs Mangala & Mohan Mundasad hosted a memorable week-end with a musician from Canada. The crowd enjoyed the evening, also the trip to the safari & the incredible maze in the park.

2006. Feb. The Birmingham function was organised by the joint efforts of the executive committee & the lead was taken by Dr Ajat & Kanchan Sanikop to make yet another enjoyable function2006.Oct. Dr Chitharanjan & Savita Hallikeri joined Drs Asha & Sunil (Ravi) Bagewadi hosted the weekend function in Bolton where the children performed fantastic dances & the very young members had no fear of showing their talent with jokes & riddles..

2007. Oct. Mr Shivkumar & Vijaya hosted the weekend function in Oxford where in the youth gathered for an extra day & contributed to the success of the function. The rain & cold did not hold the members back from the beautiful tour of the Cotswold.

2008.Feb Mrs Shanta Hirrkodi & Navin Patel were the hosts in this weekend celebration. Guests attended in large & the candle light dinner added the romantic atmosphere in the crowd. 2008 Oct Dr.Ramesh and Anu Avatgere and their team Chaitra Geernavar,Hema Goud,Meghna Nagaraj and kanchan Sanikop hosted the wonderful function in Codsall. All enjoyed the fire works in the end.

2009 Feb Mr.Tippeswamy and Chandraprabha Tippeswamy hosted this function which was an amazing function in Wirral with a great venue.Everyone enjoyed 2009 Sep Dr.K.Kolar and Hansa Kolar with support of Dr.Kallinath and Veena Kallinath organised a very successful and memorable function in Worksop.The picnic after the function with Kai Holige was something to remember for life it.

2010 Sep Dr.Murugesh Kinagi and Veena Kinagi organised this function in Blackpool. It was a fantastic venue and everyone enjoyed the games and entertainment and the lovely food.

2011 Sep Dr.Basavaraj and Deepa Raj hosted this function in Solihull. It was a grand success with a big turnout. Everyone had a very good time. The highlight was the amazing entertainment.

2012 Feb Mr. Vivek Thontadarya and Veena Yeshlur hosted this memorable function in West London (Hayes and Harlington, Middlesex). It was a big success with big turnout. Everyone enjoyed the ballet dance and the lovely food, especially the Dosa counter.