Section 1: Any person who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the VSUK and participate in the philosophy of Veerashaivism are eligible for the membership.
Section 2: The membership fees shall be determined and decided by the Executive Committee.
Section 3: Only paid members of the VSUK shall be eligible to stand or to vote in the election of the Executive Committee and other proceedings of the VSUK. Non Lingayat can be associate members of the VSUK.
Section 4: Membership is terminated if:
(a) the member dies;
(b) the member resigns by written notice to the VSUK executive committee unless, after the resignation, there would be less than two members;
(c) any sum due from the member to the VSUK is not paid in full within six months of it falling due despite a reminder from an office bearer;
(d) the member abuses the member directory or send abusive or malicious emails/posts/text messages to other members with an intent to defame fellow member(s) or the organisation despite a warning from the President/Vice President or Secretary;
(e) the member is removed from membership apart from the reasons mentioned above but also by a resolution passed in the AGM that it is in the best interests of the VSUK that his or her membership is terminated. A resolution to remove a member from membership for the reasons other than the ones mentioned above may only be passed if:
      (i) the member has been given at least twenty one days’ notice in writing of the AGM at which the resolution will be proposed and the reasons why it is to be proposed;
      (ii)the member or, at the option of the member, the member’s representative (who need not be a member of the charity) has been allowed to make representations to the meeting.