Article V

Meeting of the Executive Committee

Section 1: The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice in a calendar year.
Section2: The Executive Committee meetings shall be presided over by the President.
Section3: In the absence of the President, such meetings shall be presided over by the nominee of the President.
Section 4: The Secretary shall be responsible for scheduling and keeping the records of all the meetings of VSUK.
Section 5: Every member of the Executive Committee, except the President, shall cast his/her vote. The President of the shall cast his/her vote in the case of a tie.
Section 6: A two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee shall be required to bring before the Committee any items that have already been turned down by it.
Section 7: Each office bearer of the Executive Committee is required to attend at least two meetings in his/her term of office. Other members of the Executive Committee have the right to terminate the committee membership by a two-thirds majority vote.